The Songs (Tag: love)

Walking Distance

For Father's Day 2013, I received the book, As I Knew Him, by Anne Serling. It is a moving tribute to her father, Rod Serling, whom I greatly admired.

Anne’s book addresses the deep grief she experienced following his death at the young age of 50. The book was the inspiration for this song, named after a classic Twilight Zone episode featuring Gig Young. The song speaks to the grief that all of us experience when we lose someone dear to us, and it offers a perspective that can calm our anxious spirit. I forwarded a copy of the song to Anne, who liked it very much. I hope you will too.

By Simeon Amburgey

A Bag Of Three Nails

Bag of Three Nails

I spoke with a dear lady whose life had been badly broken.  As our conversation continued she shared with me how Jesus had come and in her own words made her a walking picture of mercy.

Those comments inspired me to write this song.  We all hang photos in our homes of the people and events that are the most precious to us.  I hope this simple song reminds us of the picture that is the most important of all, the one in the very center of our most precious memories that gives them true meaning and eternal purpose.

By Simeon Amburgey

Just Your Love

Well, every now and then a songwriter just has to write a love song. I wrote this for my wife to remind her how wealthy I am because I have her love!

By Wayne Carroll