4,000 Crosses

The inspiration for this song came during a business trip to Evansville, Indiana in December 2005. Just off the interstate I saw a display of thousands of small white crosses in a farmer's field (depicting the daily abortions in the U.S.). In that very instant God gave me inspiration for a song, and over the next few days 4,000 Crosses was born.

The reaction to that song has inspired me to write other pro-life songs, and I have compiled them into a special CD (see the Project page). These songs have been used at numerous Right to Life banquets, in churches (for Sanctity of Life services), in pregnancy resource centers, and at special memorial events. Simeon and I have been privileged to present our pro-life songs at banquets and other events, as well as on local Christian radio programs.

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By Simeon Amburgey Last updated: Jan 18, 04:57 PM