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Two Wounded Warriors salutes the All Glory Project

Elizabeth Shatner with All Glory


One of my recent songs, Two Wounded Warriors, was inspired by The All Glory Project, a unique therapy program that matches horses and veterans to help our wounded warriors restore their physical and emotional health. It is amazing what the bond between human and horse can accomplish. We owe a debt of gratitude to our veterans and to those who work toward their recovery from physical and emotional wounds.

I hope you will learn more about The All Glory Project and similar projects around the country and support them if you can. We owe so much to our veterans. This song is dedicated to them and to the people and animals who come to their aid. I was honored to be able to meet Elizabeth Shatner last year and share this new song with her. The All Glory Project has adopted it as their theme song and they are using it across the country as they promote their work. I hope this song brings inspiration to others and helps to further the work of The All Glory Project. 

By Simeon Amburgey