Wayne Carroll

Wayne CarrollI am a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and my wife Janet and I have two great sons, Daniel and David. Daniel is a professional graphic designer, and David is pursuing college and his love of music.

Following graduation from the University of Louisville, I had a successful 20-year career as a communications consultant with Mercer Human Resource Consulting. I now have my own consulting business, WC Consulting LLC, and I work with individuals or companies who need assistance with various communication projects (see www.wc-consulting.com).

An instrumentalist (accordion) since the age of 8, I appreciate many styles of music. Combining my love of music with a passion for creative writing, I started writing Christian music in early 2002. After writing about 60 songs, I sought out a collaborator who could help me take my music to a higher level. Thus began a relationship with Simeon Amburgey that has resulted in the jointly produced inspirational songs you find on this website.

I am pleased that God has used my songs to touch many lives. My prayer is that my songs continue to touch the lives and hearts of many people. I am always encouraged when a recording artist chooses to record one of the songs that Simeon and I have composed.

Simeon Amburgey

Simeon AmburgeyAs long as I can remember, music has been a part of my life. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and received the Lord Jesus at a very early age. I knew right away that His hand was on my life to serve Him in the music ministry starting at my local church playing the piano and organ when I had the opportunity. The Lord was very gracious to send people my way who helped me not only develop my musical ability but taught me how to become a man of God..

I have had the opportunity to witness God’s people praise and worship in many regions of the world and it is a wonderful thing to realize the beauty that is the body of Christ. Sound Creations, Inc. is a ministry that focuses on providing resources to churches and individuals who desire to develop their music ministries.  Also our PraiseTrack Library features over 650 titles for small churches to enhance their worship services.

It has been an honor to work with Wayne to help him bring the songs in his heart to life so others can be ministered to and changed by their powerful messages.

My desire is to be used of the Lord to help people enter the presence of God. In His presence people are saved, delivered, healed and made more aware of their Father’s love for them as His children. One day we will all be a part of the greatest praise and worship meeting of all time, one that will last for all eternity.